Revolving Orbit Plan

Revolving Orbit Plan
To create maximum income to the networkers, we have introduced Revolving Orbit Plan.
All users, purchase Celkon Mobile or Recharge Partner, they will be given a position in this Orbit. All persons from all across the country will be entering the PRIMARY ORBIT. Achiever of this Orbit will get Rs.1000 and shall be promoted to SECONDARY ORBIT.
The details of the plan is as follows:
In SECONDARY ORBIT, the achiever will get Rs.20,000/-
Preference will be given to the user, who has more direct referrals.
If the achiever has less than 2 referrals, then even before the Orbit splits, the user will be replaced by a user who makes 2 referrals.
If the achiever makes two referrals, before the Orbit splits, then he or she will be promoted to achiever position.
User who achieved Primary Orbit with less than 2 refferal count, then he or she will be promoted to Secondary Orbit, but the Primary Orbit incentive of Rs.1000/- will not be paid.
In SECONDARY ORBIT, the user has to see that at least two person from his downline must be promoted to SECONDARY ORBIT.
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