Channel Partner Opportunity

Grow Your Business..Together!!

Apex is a direct Marketing company based in Hyderabad. As of now, Apex has 20 lakh customer base across India with this figure growing on a daily basis. All these 20 lakh + customers are offered a special income opportunity based on their individual and team monthly purchases. So, to get more monthly income, each and every apex customer will purchase from Apex Channel Partners only on a regular basis.

Every retailer wants the following:

  • Increase customer base.
  • Retain your customers.
  • Get profit from your customers purchasing in other stores.
  • Get free publicity.
  • Get website with full controls.
  • Withstand competition from other offline and online stores.

Apex now provides a CHANNEL PARTNER opportunity for retailers and service providers, which will fulfil all the above requirements. This channel partner opportunity is exclusive per PINCODE area.


To become an Apex Channel Partner, one has to get thier website designed for just Rs1800 from our company. Once, the website is ready, the CHANNEL PARTNER is now ready to receive all the benefits. The channel partner will get the following:

  • 36 Cash Vouchers worth Rs.50 each.
  • In shop Apex Market publicity stickers
  • Apex Shopping Account information Leaflets
  • ACPs will be provided 5 ARP Handbooks without PINs, to be sold to walk-in Customers on their enrollment with as new DMEs
  • List of Apex Channel Partners in the PINCODE
  • One username and password in
  • One user account in
  • Starter kit containing opportunity book, stationery, POP Materials and Application forms.

Apex Channel Partners must arrange the following on their own:

  • Computer or TAB with Internet connection.
  • Billing facility of their own.

How a Apex Channel Partner can make money :

 Opportunity 1  Apex will drive new customers to purchase from the channel partner outlet. Theses Apex Customers will buy to increase their PPP (Personal Profit Point), which will get the apex customer to get monthly bonus. This way the retailer increases the sales turnover and thereby increases its overall profits.
 Opportunity 2  These Apex Customers will drive all their contacts like friends and relatives to buy from the channel partner outlet to increase the customer GPP(Group Profit Point). The more the GPP, the more income the Apex customer gets. Again, the retailer increases the sales turnover and thereby increases its overall profits.
 Opportunity 3  All the Apex Customers will be retained to the channel partner outlet and do regular monthly purchases, so that, they become eligible for monthly Income from Apex in its repurchase plan.
 Opportunity 4  A regular (Non Apex) customer walks into a Channel Partner outlet to make purchase, then the customer will see the Apex Publicity material and hand bills. The Apex opportunity will be explained by the retailer to the new customers and makes the new customer to become an Apex DME by collecting Rs 350 from the customer. This activity will get the following benefits to the channel partner :

1) Customer is tied up with Channel Partner FOREVER as loyal customer.
2) Channel Partner gets Rs.20 commission on getting a new customer.
3) The Channel Partner will get Rs 100,100,300 as Team Sales commission for every set of two customers becoming DME for Handbook on effects of radiation, Relive Handbook, ACP enrollment and ABC Kit respectively with a maximum earning potential of Rs 60000 per month.
4) These Apex DMEs makes purchases in any other APEX CHANNEL PARTNER outlets across India, even then, the Channel Partner gets profit as their purchases will add to the GPP of this particular Channel Partner.
We now request you to utilize this golden opportunity and join the Apex Family as a channel partner and increase your business.

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