Payout Schedule

The compensation will include commission, publicity expenses,development expenses, handling charges and taxes.
The compensation will be paid on a weekly basis.
The compensation will be transferred directly to subscriber Bank account via NEFT.
The compensation will be transferred on every Monday.
The actual commission will vary from week to week. Usually it varies from 40% to 60% of the compensation amount.
15% standard deductions are deducted for all commissions towards Website Development upto Rs 5000 earnings in a financial year on a single PAN number.
After the commission earnings cross Rs 5000, the amount of 14% will be deducted as Website Development Fund and Another 5% as TDS under section 194H and 1% under section 194C will be deducted on a single PAN number. So it comes to approximately 6% of your compensation will be deducted towards TDS.
Please upload your PAN card to verify and confirm the PAN details.
TDS certificate ( Form 16A ) will be given to all persons if their yearly incentives are exceeding Rs 5000. PAN number is compulsory to get this certificate.
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